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Black Mountain Photo Arts
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Sample Prices for Fine Art & Canvas Prints

Our prices are based on the cost of materials used, e.g., the amount of paper and ink consumed. For a given paper size, wider margins use less ink and make the print cost less. In most cases we recommend a margin or border. The margin protects the image during handling. It is also helpful while framing under a window mat. For smaller prints a 1/4-inch border may be satifactory. For larger prints, most people prefer 1-2 inch borders. All prices shown here are based on a 1/2-border. Shipping costs, if any, are are based on zip code and are automatically added to the print price. This is one reason you must register to get accurate prices.

Retail prices are calculated at the time of order and are subject market prices. You will get a lower price when one of our suppliers has a sale. Commercial customers should ask about volume discounts.

We are not making canvas prints at this time, but we hope to offer them in later 2018.

  8.5x11 11x17 13x19 17x22 20x24 20x30 24x36 24x48
Premium Media
Moab Exhibition Luster, 300 gsm 4.88 10.04 14.50 20.48 25.24 34.96 45.91 60.73
Innova Exhibition Baryta, 310 gsm 6.53 13.29 19.55 27.03 32.99 46.56 50.03 79.38
Canson Infinity Platine, 310 gsm 8.18 16.69 24.75 33.83 40.94 58.51 74.21 98.58
Moab Entrada Natural, 300 gsm 8.38 16.84 25.25 34.48 41.69 59.66 75.56 100.38
Fabriano Artistico Watercolor, 310gsm 8.28 16.84 24.95 34.08 41.29 59.06 74.86 95.19
Economy Media
Decor Smooth Art, 210 gsm 3.85 8.01 11.43 17.36 20.24 27.73 36.87 48.76